General characteristics of the company

Sanan shimi Taban is a company in the area about 14370 m and building about 9452m with producing salon and refinery that a total space is about 8877 m2 . offices building has about 329 m2 space and two security building with 46 m2 , laboratory with 96 m2 and a three storey suite equipped with 104 m2 space have been built.
The annual production capacity of the company is as follows:
1. 2000 Ton Braking fluid
2. 1000 Ton supplemental fuel and injector cleaner
3. 2200 Ton Antifreeze
4. 600 Ton glass cleaner
5. 7500 Ton Braking fluid
6. 4300 Ton hydraulic oil
7. 3750 gear oil
8. 2000 Ton different types of Grace
The raw material are combined in the produce tanks and converted to bulk product. This tanks include:
• Construction tanks of oil brakes included two tanks with 7.5 Tons capacity
• The tanks for producing anti freeze with 13 Tons capacity
• Glass washer tank with 5 tons capacity
• The tanks for producing fuel with 7 Tons capacity
• Tanks for producing injector cleaner with 7 Tons capacity
• Tanks for producing oil( the initial material by melting the oil) with 2 tanks with 20 Ton capacity
• Construction tanks of motor oil with 20 Tons capacity
• Construction tanks of gear oil with 20 Tons capacity
• Construction tanks of hydraulic oil with 20 Tons capacity
• Construction tanks of farm oil with 20 Tons capacity
The tanks for material storage with 535 tons capacity that for each one products is as follow:
- 6 tanks of Different types of oil with total capacity about 360 tons
- Brake fluid and antifreeze with total capacity about 100 tons
- Glass cleaner in a tank with 25 ton capacity
- Supplementary fuel tank with a capacity of 50 tons
- Also, there are 3 tanks for storage raw materials in the out of production hall with total capacity of 75 tons that extra capacity will added if it is necessary.
All products of this company in terms of quality parameters are monitored at all stages of inspection and quality control laboratories. The laboratory company is equipped according to national standards and has received certification laboratory in 1389. . input raw material has previously tested in the laboratory and if there are consist with all required standards they will approved. It also the construction order and complex formulation of the product offered by the laboratory and quality control inspectors have monitored the entire process and composition of packaging and storage.

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